Extended collaboration provided breeding ground for in-depth counseling and better customer experiences

Kim Hjort Pedersen Sydbank

A strategic investment in automation, digitalisation, and an improved overview

Sydbank and Vitec Aloc have a longstanding partnership. For more than 25 years, Sydbank has utilised the investment management solution, PORTMAN, to support the Asset Management business area. The solution worked so seamlessly that Sydbank made the strategic decision to extend the collaboration to encompass the Private Banking operations as well. The goal was to provide the Private Banking customers of the bank with an even better experience based on greater insights and tailored digital solutions. PORTMAN was chosen due to the scalable and reliable foundation that supports both advisors and customers. Simultaneously, Sydbank aimed at capitalising synergies and reducing costs with a unified and future-proof solution within a business area of great strategic significance to the bank.

PORTMAN supported our ambition to establish a scalable foundation that would be able to accommodate more customers. At the same time, we chose to expand with Vitec Aloc's online dashboard, COCKPIT. We did this to provide our advisors with better and more accurate insights in their daily work with the clients, thus enhancing our value proposition.
Steen F. Sandager, Head of Private Banking at Sydbank

Through the collaboration with Vitec Aloc, Sydbank achieves a range of strategic advantages:

Enhanced overview and advisory capabilities with key functionalities

Smoother workflows through an online advisory tool

Standardised and tailored reporting options

An opportunity to support the digital channels

A market-recognised and extensively tested product

A close and dedicated partner

Improved customer relations through a solid advisory foundation

With the expansion of PORTMAN, Sydbank was able to streamline the system landscape. However, the solution offered Sydbank much more than that. With PORTMAN, Sydbank can provide better customer support – a crucial part of building a valuable relationship with their Private Banking customers.

"In Sydbank Private Banking, our primary task is to assist our Private Banking customers in achieving their financial life goals. We need to establish a meaningful relationship with the customer and provide concrete solutions that enhance the value that is received by being one of our customers. Central to this is having a valid overview of the total wealth, so we have a solid advisory foundation. That has become easier with PORTMAN."

Steen F. Sandager, Head of Private Banking at Sydbank

Automated customer reporting strengthens Sydbank's value proposition

The motivation to expand the collaboration with Vitec Aloc was Sydbank's desire to strengthen the value proposition for the Private Banking customers while simultaneously providing advisors with a significantly smoother work environment. With PORTMAN, Sydbank now efficiently supports crucial operational business processes in Private Banking and Wealth Management. Concurrently, Sydbank also chose to upgrade PORTMAN with the associated online dashboard, COCKPIT – a digital portal and intuitive tool tailored for Private Banking and Wealth Management advisory.

It was important to us to make everyday work easier for our advisors, so that they have more time for customers. With COCKPIT, our advisors get easier access and a better overview of data. They can pull reports directly from COCKPIT rather than having to collect data from different platforms. This enables our advisers to use the time where it creates the most value for customers
Kim Hjort-Pedersen, Head of Investment at Sydbank

Strong relationship based on trust

Replacing or expanding an investment management system is a significant decision. Here, the strong relationship between Sydbank and Vitec Aloc has played a crucial role in successfully implementing the solution.

"When implementing a new solution in a complex industry, such as the financial world, you will undoubtedly meet some hurdles along the way. Because of this, mutual trust and a close partnership become paramount. These principles define our collaboration with Vitec Aloc - we work together to find the right solution."

Kim Hjort-Pedersen, Head of Investment at Sydbank

A comprehensive investment overview enables better customer support

COCKPIT has already been introduced to Sydbank's advisors across Denmark and Northern Germany – and the solution has made a significant difference in their daily work. It has not only provided the clients with a better investment overview, but it also supports Sydbank's ambition to offer straightforward and innovative investment solutions to their Private Banking customers.

COCKPIT has made a noticeable difference in my daily work with our Private Banking customers. COCKPIT provides me with an entirely different capability to prepare for my client meetings. It gives me and my clients a better overview of all the client’s investments in Sydbank. At the same time, it has also become quicker and easier to report to my clients.
Charlotte Banke, Investment Advisor at Sydbank

PORTMAN has provided a scalable foundation for the future

For Sydbank, the expansion of PORTMAN and the implementation of COCKPIT are more than solutions that streamline processes - they represent an investment in a robust and scalable foundation for the future.

"With PORTMAN, we have established a strong base to build upon in the future. By automating several of our processes, it has become faster to report and extract data when needed. This ensures us a scalable foundation that can accommodate more customers in the future."

Kim Hjort-Pedersen, Head of Investment at Sydbank

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Sydbank offers exclusive and expert advice on wealth optimisation and investment for their Private Banking customers. At the core, it is a personal and value-added relationship between the customer and the advisor. The bank assists Private Banking customers in achieving their financial life goals and aspires to offer simple and innovative investment solutions - such as the Sydbank Megatrend Portfolio - to its customers.

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