Employees from Vitec Aloc having an informal meeting in the open office landscape

The workplace

At Vitec Aloc, professional ambitions and high-performance go hand in hand with a flexible working day and family life

High expertise & new development

We are one of the leading software houses in the Nordics working with investment management solutions, with 70+ employees who are specialists within IT or finance. All our employees have a high level of professional know-how, are passionate about their field, and are driven by curiosity and the desire to constantly evolve – and all with a keen focus on strengthening and further developing our solutions for the benefit of our clients.

With a background in M.Sc. Mathematics and Economics, I am passionate about working with complex issues and advanced business logic, and I get to do so here. Our clients have high expectations in terms of, for example, performance measurement, risk management, and compliance, which, combined with the ongoing development of our products and the clients' business requirements, keeps me constantly on my toes. The technical level is very high here because there is never a shortage of opportunities for sparring and new perspectives on a wide range of issues that we face in a modern investment universe.
Lennart Damgaard, Senior Solution Architect

Social aspect a high priority

Just as good communication and mutual trust are keywords in working with our clients, it is absolutely central between our employees. Because it is only through dialogue, close cooperation and the belief that when we relate well with each other and use each other’s skills where most appropriate, we create the best results. Therefore, the social and cultural aspects of working life have a high priority. Our working culture rests on a strong team spirit, lots of professional sparring and numerous social events throughout the year. So, whether you enjoy table tennis, running, wine tasting, barbecues etc., there is always plenty of opportunity for doing so. 

There are rarely two identical working days at Vitec Aloc. This, combined with a high degree of flexibility, freedom with responsibility, and our respect for each other's professional expertise and daily use of it to make things better, makes Vitec Aloc a unique place to work. A good laugh is always nearby, whether it's over the desk, by the coffee machine, or at one of the social events like the annual Christmas office party or the after-work BBQ party in the atrium courtyard — and that means a lot
Anne Markvardsen, Project Manager

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for new and qualified employees, so if you have the right IT experience or are au fait with the world of investment, perhaps you are the one we are looking for.

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