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For AP Pension, implementation of Vitec Aloc’s system, PORTMAN, is an investment that yields value for money
Karsten Laursen, Chief Financial Officer, and Carsten Gjede, Risk Manager, at AP Pension

Automated functions keep salary expenses down

PORTMAN makes the work easier for AP Pension via functions that are now automated.

Overview of the depository bank is simpler; An alarm is triggered if the holdings are inconsistent with the PORTMAN holdings. Any inconsistencies will quickly be discovered. The solution also delivers a daily file from the depository bank containing all performed transactions.

Generally, data is much more readily available. It used to take weeks to prepare management reports. Now, it takes just one day to produce 100% reliable reports. Time is saved and salary expenses kept down. AP Pension can take on new tasks without hiring more staff.

Increased reliability in the risk department

The risk department has a much improved insight into the portfolio. The solution delivers a daily up-to-date overview of risk management, which allows the department to quickly spot possible issues.

It used to take a fair amount of man hours to find any discrepancies, as details were not as available as they are now. A lot of time was spent trying to locate the cause as it was hard to tell if it was a registration error or a price adjustment. Another significant advantage is that the risk department can track their performance on a daily basis. It is easy to access the database, so the necessary reports are quickly produced.

Overview and userfriendliness provide reliability and security

The combination of improved overview and userfriendliness is contributing to a more unerring work day at AP Pension.

With the many functionalities, management is up-to-date with the risk management and the direction of their investments is under control. Unpleasant surprises are rare.

In addition, PORTMAN is a user-friendly solution; intuitive and easy to use. New colleagues are up and running in no time and are quickly familiar with the use of the various functions. This is definitely an advantage compared to the challenges you often face with a complex system.

User group ensures an up-to-date system

At one point, AP Pension could tell that Vitec Aloc was expanding their client base. There were times when the support Vitec Aloc provided was not satisfactory. This can happen to growing companies, but is naturally not viable. Vitec Aloc’s management was aware of the problem and developed the organisation to provide the clients with the service they expected – among other initiatives – through an  improved collaboration organisation with a user group and more resources on the account management side. Vitec Aloc has set up a user group with other pension institutions. The user group members discuss how the users can obtain maximum benefit from PORTMAN as well as what kind of solutions are needed in a line of business in constant development. This ensures an up-to-date solution supporting their business strategy.

Improved profitability and availability

Switching to PORTMAN has been a financially sound decision for AP Pension. Productivity is up, and the price for new modules and maintenance is at a completely different level than before. So, for AP Pension, implementation of Vitec Aloc’s solution is an investment that yields value for money. In addition, Vitec Aloc covers AP Pension’s need for a support with close relations between client and supplier - this means reliability and security in their work.

Investment management with PORTMAN

PORTMAN is a user-friendly and flexible investment management solution giving an excellent overview of positions, asset spread, yield and risks. PORTMAN gathers all information, allowing the user to handle all relevant securities, financial instruments and associated transactions in multiple currencies – all in one system.

About AP Pension
Since 1919, AP Pension has provided pensions to companies and private individuals with the very special premise that customers are owners of the company. It ensures the independence of banks and financial institutions and has contributed to a financial strength that exceeds competitors.

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