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Your complete solution for professional and efficient asset management

Improve your performance and prepare customised and detailed reports

With PORTMAN forming the backbone of professional and effective support for your business processes, you get an investment management solution that helps you improve your performance, increase your risk-adjusted return and produce tailored reports. At the same time, you equip your investment managers with an intuitive and easy overview of, among other things, your strategies, securities, returns, asset composition and transactions. In other words, an overview of consolidated data that helps to reduce operational risks and investment complexity and increase your productivity.

We customise the solution to your Family Office
Managing the assets of a Family Office is an influential position that requires experience, competencies, trust and, not least, a solid foundation for making the right investment decisions. And we know from experience that what is needed and expected from an investment management solution varies from Family Office to Family Office. On the basis of our standard solution, which supports all widely used asset classes – including a dedicated module for managing alternative investments – we tailor the solution to meet your specific needs such as risk management, performance measurement, compliance and regulatory reporting.

Service Delivery Manager at Vitec Aloc, Henrik Bach, explains why PORTMAN is your golden source for professional and efficient asset management.

PORTMAN for Family Office

This is why PORTMAN is your golden source for professional and efficient asset management.

We use PORTMAN in our business, where we provide services that make it easier to create transparency and an overview of our clients' wealth. It is therefore vital for us that we have a solution which is robust, reliable and efficient

Klaus Breitenstein, CEO & Partner at Assure Wealth

Advise and offer your board of directors a unique insight

PORTMAN for Family Office gives you punctual, accurate and comprehensive data on different positions and exposures – a single yet complete investment overview and, not least, improved and streamlined workflows. This frees up time for more value-creating work such as generating additional returns and advising your board. You also have the option of giving your board easy access to the same overview with PORTMAN’s accompanying online dashboard COCKPIT, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime and across various devices.

Provider and client talk about the importance of close collaboration

We are big enough to trust, but small enough to care

As one of the leading providers of investment management solutions in the Nordic region, we do what we can to make sure that you don’t just choose a solution. You are choosing a long-term partner who effectively implements solutions and ensures satisfied clients, as our collaboration builds on good communication, mutual trust and a belief that there must also be a cultural match.

When you work with us, you get:

A Nordic partner

With more than 35 years of experience in fintech and a broad market understanding

A subscription-based model

You only pay for the modules you need

Dialogue at eye level

Based on openness, communication and mutual trust

A state-of-the-art solution

Cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly

Exceptional client service

Dedicated client and project team, daily support, sparring and annual business review

Professional network

With like-minded people in the financial sector
I think it’s important to say that we set great store by the fact that Vitec Aloc is not a company with a high staff turnover, but one where we collaborate with the same people over many years
Lotte Halse, Investment Controller, Lundbeck Foundation

Meet your customers' expectations

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Insights & trends

Insights & trends

VIDEO: Product development is key when it comes to keeping pace with the market needs. Therefore, product development is also at the heart of our business.
VIDEO: Our clients don't just choose a solution. They choose a long-term partner.

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