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Trading and Order Management

A complete trading solution to support your investment universe

Give your trader an intuitive and easy overview and strengthen the value proposition for your clients

IDEAS gives you a complete solution for Market Making, Trading and Order Management, in particular within equities and fixed incomes trading. The solution supports trading on the Nasdaq Nordic stock exchange, trading with brokers via the broker network Reuters Autex and matching on the Omgeo CTM platform. In this way, IDEAS ensures professional and effective support for your investment universe. At the same time, IDEAS, for example, gives your traders an intuitive and easy overview of their positions, orders and trades. Efficient and strong workflows free up more time to service and advise clients and investment advisors, and participate in more value-creating investment projects.

A well-developed API makes automation simple and easy
IDEAS comes with a mature API that makes it easy to connect your other external systems to the solution. It is possible via the API, for example, to ensure trade-supporting processes such as trade registration, but also the importing of various data such as direct prices for online banking, market maker prices, instruments and exchange rates. This not only reduces manual processes, but optimises and scales revenue-generating activities while reducing operational risks. And, not least, it frees up time at the trading table for more value-adding activities for the benefit of both your business and your customers. 

We have a lot of confidence in Vitec Aloc and their understanding of the market, so therefore we obviously listened when they presented us with an API solution that extracts data directly out of IDEAS and feeds it into our central reporting system in Sweden. And today we’re very happy with it
Mogens Juhl, IT Manager, SEB Danmark

Grow your client offering with IDEAS Broker Network

Trading with brokers via the Reuters Autex broker network is an integral part of IDEAS, ensuring a larger investment universe and thus the possibility of offering your clients an increased value proposition. Thus, with the broker network, it is possible to markedly increase the number of orders and derivative trades – from minutes to seconds per trade – and your clients can trade shares worldwide by placing orders in the online bank.

Broker networks are scalable, so we can certainly handle the increased level of activity within the existing framework. This solution has undoubtedly increased the appeal of our services. Clients can now enter orders in the system 24/7 directly from their own online bank. And with an uptime at a level we’ve never experienced before
Lisbeth Amby Møller, Senior Business Developer, Payments & Trade, Spar Nord
Consultants talk about the implementation of a investment management solution for a new client

We are big enough to trust, but small enough to care

As one of the leading providers of investment management solutions in the Nordic region, we do what we can to make sure that you don’t just choose a solution. You are choosing a long-term partner who effectively implements solutions and ensures satisfied clients, as our collaboration builds on good communication, mutual trust and a belief that there must also be a cultural match.

When you work with us, you get:

A Nordic partner

With more than 35 years of experience in fintech and a broad market understanding

A subscription-based model

You only pay for the modules you need

Dialogue at eye level

Based on openness, communication and mutual trust

A state-of-the-art solution

Cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly

Exceptional client service

Dedicated client and project team, daily support, sparring and annual business review

Professional network

With like-minded people in the financial sector

Meet your customers' expectations

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