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Pension & Insurance

The solution for complete front-to-back support of your investment universe

Optimise your investment strategy, risk management and financial reporting

PORTMAN for Pension & Insurance gives you a professional and scalable investment management solution that covers the most widely used instruments ranging from equities and fixed incomes to repos, derivatives and the flexible management of alternative investments. 


Make investment decisions based on valid and accurate data
New asset classes, complex investment strategies, increasing regulation and growing volumes of data are just some of the challenges that investment managers face today and which are placing demands on the quality of ​the data which is changing hands.

PORTMAN gives you a secure and effective support for the most critical business processes, reduces operational risks and equips, among other things, your investment managers with a comprehensive and detailed overview based on complete and precise data. An overview where, of course, there is the possibility of screening down to the lowest level, so that they always know their true exposure and are allocated the time they need for core tasks.

Customise your solution with PORTMAN API
Using PORTMAN API, you enjoy maximum flexibility and the freedom to create the solution that best suits your needs and business. PORTMAN API enables you to extract computed data on demand from PORTMAN for further processing or closer analysis, for example in your data warehouse or in well-known tools such as Excel, Power BI etc. It gives you a unique opportunity to tailor your reporting or create specific dashboards that render visible your investment and risk overview — all online or with a one-click update.

Presales Consultant at Vitec Aloc, Hasse Ismael, explains why you should choose PORTMAN as your complete front-to-back support for your investment universe.

PORTMAN for Pension & Insurance

This is why you need to choose PORTMAN as your complete front-to-back support for your investment universe.

Unlike some of the main alternatives, PORTMAN is a very open system. You’re able to peep beneath the bonnet, so to speak. But perhaps even more importantly, it is possible to connect PORTMAN directly to PensionDanmark’s other systems
Susanne Lundby, CFO, with responsibility for fund reporting at PensionDanmark
To employees from a software company having a business meeting about a new capital market solution for the pension and insurance sector

We are big enough to trust, but small enough to care

As one of the leading providers of investment management solutions in the Nordic region, we do what we can to make sure that you don’t just choose a solution. You are choosing a long-term partner who effectively implements solutions and ensures satisfied clients, as our collaboration builds on good communication, mutual trust and a belief that there must also be a cultural match.

When you work with us, you get:

A Nordic partner

With more than 35 years of experience in fintech and a broad market understanding

A subscription-based model

You only pay for the modules you need

Dialogue at eye level

Based on openness, communication and mutual trust

A state-of-the-art solution

Cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly

Exceptional client service

Dedicated client and project team, daily support, sparring and annual business review

Professional network

With like-minded people in the financial sector
The main difference between collaborating with large international providers and Vitec Aloc is that we’re a very small fish in a big pond, while as a client with Vitec Aloc, we’re a big client that is taken seriously
Lars Haram, CIO and Head of Asset Management at Norwegian life insurance company Oslo Pensjonsforsikring

Meet your customers' expectations

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