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Optimise your business with a scalable standard solution


Automate your daily workflows, integrate STP towards trading platforms, custodian banks, data providers and ERP systems, and get a simple and unified online overview of positions, asset distribution, return and risk etc.

Our PORTMAN investment management solution efficiently and reliably supports your business processes front-to-back in one integrated standard solution.

Choose the modules that offer business value
We want to make life easy for our clients. Therefore, PORTMAN consists of dedicated, integrated modules, where you – the client – only pay for the modules you need. And always with the possibility of expanding with new and more modules as needs or the market change. A scaling option which naturally applies the other way around if, one day, you no longer need a certain module.

Supporting the most common asset classes

PORTMAN supports most asset classes from cash instruments and derivatives to direct loans and cash accounts. So, whether your portfolios are primarily made up of fixed incomes, equities and funds, or a mix of futures, options, forwards and swaps, you are assured broad instrument coverage with PORTMAN.

PORTMAN also offers a dedicated module for private equity and alternative investments, providing exactly the flexible support which the asset class calls for, and making it possible to manage, value and, not least, control the risks in alternative investments. Of course, it is also possible to support different types of securities financing transactions (SFTs) such as repurchase agreements (repos) and transactions.

Product Manager at Vitec Aloc, Mark Williams, explains why product development is at the core of our company

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With more than 35 years of experience at working with ambitious investment management solutions, we know that product development is key when it comes to keeping pace with market needs and requirements. Therefore, product development is also at the heart of our business. Learn more about how we continually develop our products.

In contrast to many of the bigger alternatives, PORTMAN is a particularly open solution. It is possible to see what is hidden beneath the bonnet, so to speak. Perhaps even more importantly, however, it is also possible to connect PORTMAN directly to PensionDanmark’s other systems
Susanne Lundby, CFO and responsible for funds reporting in PensionDanmark
Chief Sales Officer at Vitec Aloc, Mikkel Severin Lyngbye

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