Partnership based on mutual trust

Asset managers having a meeting

The Lundbeck Foundation has been using PORTMAN for investment management since 2005. The solution functions as intended and works efficiently for the Lundbeck Foundation, which, with a value of more than DKK 65 billion, is one of Denmark’s biggest foundations. So, instead of talking about PORTMAN, we sat down to discuss the daily collaboration between Vitec Aloc and the Lundbeck Foundation with Søren Christiansen, VP Finance, and Lotte Halse, Investment Controller, who have respectively three and 10+ years of experience of working together with Vitec Aloc. This resulted in the following case.

There are several investment management solutions that have more functionalities than PORTMAN. However, to counter that, Søren Christiansen argues: “The functionalities of the alternative products are not of such importance that they can outweigh the advantages of PORTMAN. Furthermore, what many of the IT companies that offer big complex solutions have in common is that they themselves are big actors, and therefore, you risk being overlooked or forgotten”.

It is very important that we have a personal relationship with Vitec Aloc – that we have a voice and that we are heard, which is definitely the case. Vitec Aloc are very attentive, and this is very important to us
Lotte Halse, Investment Controller at Lundbeckfonden

Collaboration based on mutual trust

“It is an honest collaboration based on a high degree of mutual trust. Vitec Aloc does not pretend that they know everything”, says Lotte Halse, who gives an example: “Not all that long ago, I received a call from Vitec Aloc. They had another client who had some questions about PORTMAN. Vitec Aloc knew that this was something I knew a lot about, so they asked whether I would be willing to help them. Naturally, I was happy to help. Feeling able to ask something like that is a sign of strong collaboration based on a high degree of mutual trust. Next time, it will probably be me that needs their help”.

Manageable challenges

By selecting PORTMAN by Vitec Aloc, you get a solution with a modular structure. A solution that makes it possible to obtain individual adjustments, functionalities, automations and integrations.

PORTMAN is a system with a high level of functionality, therefore you cannot learn to manage all functionalities in a few hours. It is complex, and Vitec Aloc knows that. With this in mind, we really appreciate that Vitec Aloc continually work to improve the user interface”, says Lotte Halse.

Experience-sharing with other clients

Finally, Søren Christiansen has one particular point he wants to emphasise and wants to be sure is included in this story – the different forms of experience-sharing between the clients initiated by Vitec Aloc.

We are particularly fond of the client arrangements hosted by Vitec Aloc – especially the annual PORTMAN Day. On this day, Vitec Aloc present their new initiatives as well as the developments they have in the pipeline, etc.” says Søren, who ends by saying: “This gives us a great opportunity to meet and share our experiences with the other PORTMAN clients”.

A final word

We give the final word to Lotte Halse, who says:

I think it is important to stress that we really appreciate that Vitec Aloc is not a business where employees come and go – we work together with the same people over many years
Lotte Halse, Investment Controller at Lundbeckfonden

About the Lundbeck Foundation
The Lundbeck Foundation is one of the biggest operating funds, with a value of more than DKK 65 billion and an annual distribution of more than DKK 500 million to Danish-based health science research – primarily to brain research. In 2019, the annual distribution amounted to DKK 666 million.

The Lundbeck Foundation is the biggest private contributor to Denmark’s public brain research, and has the ambition for Denmark to become one of the world’s leading brain research nations. At the same time, the Lundbeck Foundation works to improve levels of public awareness concerning the brain and brain disorders.

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