The online dashboard for a comprehensive and simple investment overview

The online dashboard COCKPIT Advisor from Vitec Aloc

An easy and intuitive tool for both advisors and clients

COCKPIT is the online dashboard for our investment management solution, PORTMAN. In addition to a clear and easy overview, COCKPIT also allows for drill down and look through as well as tailored reports. And obviously customised to your company’s corporate identity in terms of visual style, colours, fonts and logo.

Choose the COCKPIT Advisor dashboard for a complete and detailed overview for your managers, specialists and investment advisors, and the COCKPIT Client site for an online and clear investment overview for your clients.

COCKPIT is very intuitive to use and provides a clear overview of the client’s securities, yields, composition, transactions etc. COCKPIT also allows you to view a total portfolio spanning two or more customers. It is also easy to search for specific securities across a group of customers. We use COCKPIT as a tool during customer meetings, as it works well visually
Christian Bryder Dolberg, Investment Consultant at Sparekassen Kronjylland


COCKPIT Advisor ensures you always have a complete overview at the click of a button. It provides an overview of the composition of clients’ portfolios, how they have developed over time and a detailed yield trend. This not only gives your managers, specialists and investment advisors what they need to provide better advice, but also helps to make life more efficient for them on a daily basis.

The dashboard also becomes the investment advisors’ primary tool for overseeing their clients’ portfolios, and often provides the starting point for deep and constructive discussions at client meetings. The dashboard enables the individual investment advisor to search for specific papers across a client group, support the day’s courses via updated data, obtain a better risk overview and, not least, generate ad hoc client reports as and when needed. 

Presales Consultant at Vitec Aloc, Hasse Ismael, explain how you can strengthen your customer relationship with COCKPIT Advisor

Strengthen your customer relationship with COCKPIT Advisor

Click play and learn how the online dashboard, COCKPIT Advisor, can help you provide better financial advice and improve your relationship with your clients.

The online dashboard, COCKPIT Client Site from Vitec Aloc is responsive and can therefore be viewed across devices

COCKPIT Client site

The COCKPIT Client site is your clients’ online access to a detailed overview of their investments with the possibility of drill down and full look through. Using the COCKPIT Client site, clients can easily and simply – anywhere and anytime across devices – view their investments, track developments over time and get detailed yield reporting. The dashboard also allows clients to generate tailored reports containing only the information they need.

Presales Consultant at Vitec Aloc, Hasse Ismael, explains how you can meet your customers' expectations with COCKPIT Client Site

Meet your customers’ expectations with the COCKPIT Client site

Watch the video and learn more about how you can strengthen your customers’ value proposition and improve the customer experience with the online dashboard COCKPIT Client site.

Establish customer engagement with
an online dashboard
– available anytime, anywhere

Service Delivery Manager at Vitec Aloc, Gitte Rasmussen, explains why you should to choose PORTMAN for your next solution for e.g. performance measurement, risk management and regulatory reporting.

Curious about COCKPIT?

Click play, and get an insight into how, for example, COCKPIT can help private banking advisors meet growing client demands and, not least, attract and retain clients in an increasingly competitive market. 

Chief Sales Officer at Vitec Aloc, Mikkel Severin Lyngbye

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