Four leading banks purchase COCKPIT Client Site

As part of increasing the value proposition to Private Banking clients and helping their wealth and investment advisors to have a markedly easier every day, four major Danish banks – Handelsbanken, Nykredit, Spar Nord and Arbejdernes Landsbank – are now upgrading their investment management solution PORTMAN with the online dashboard COCKPIT, targeted towards Private Banking & Wealth customers.

With the digital portal COCKPIT, HandelsbankenNykreditSpar Nord and Arbejdernes Landsbank get an easy and intuitive tool that provides a better and deeper investment overview for their capital advisors and an enhanced user experience for their end customers.

“With COCKPIT, our advisors get a comprehensive yet simpler overview of their customers’ securities, returns, composition, risks and transactions. Not only does this provide fertile ground for deeper and better advice, but will hopefully also help increase efficiency in their everyday work. At the same time, we can improve our customer service significantly with the COCKPIT Client Site, so clients can follow their investments online with the possibility of drill-down, full look-through and tailored reports. We can safely say that we are expecting great things with the new COCKPIT solution.” says Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard, Head of Wealth Products, Handelsbanken.

The 300 or so wealth and investment advisors from the four banks who will use COCKPIT for their everyday work will, in addition to a complete overview of the composition of specific client portfolios, be supported with today’s rates via updated data, have a better risk overview and generate client reports as and when needed. COCKPIT also offers wealth and investment advisors the possibility of viewing combined portfolios across two or more clients, just as it will be possible to search for specific securities across a client group.      

A direct strengthening of the customer value proposition

With the COCKPIT Client Site, Private Banking customers of the four banks receive online access to a simple and easily manageable overview of their portfolios, developments over time, and detailed yield reporting, precisely when and where they need it. And to maximise the new customer value proposition, the four banks have chosen to have expanded features of COCKPIT. Features that enable Private Banking customers to look at more than 20 key risk figures at both holding and total levels, and get an overview of their external depositories across their banks.    

“For us, Handelsbanken, Nykredit Spar Nord and Arbejdernes Landsbank choosing COCKPIT confirms that with COCKPIT, we are identifying and meeting the primary demands and wishes that the banks currently have for a digital advisor and client portal within the Private Banking world. And so the development of the new features that we have already started on will give a massive boost to COCKPIT in general. A boost that will also benefit the rest of our customers.” says Mark Williams, Product Manager, Vitec Aloc.

For the four banks, just the possibility of developing new features for COCKPIT weighs heavily, and together with Vitec Aloc, the requested extensions have turned out really well.

“With COCKPIT, we are hoping to give our Private Banking customers the best service and the best possible online overview of their investments, which is why the new features were essential for us when signing up. Vitec Aloc was involved with the developments from the start, and it must be said that the collaboration in expanding the new features with Vitec Aloc and the three other banks has been excellent.” says Bo Jensen Schmidt, Head Analyst, Nykredit.

Need more information?

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