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The headquarter of Handelsbanken at Havneholmen

The collaboration between Handelsbanken and Vitec Aloc has lasted for over 15 years and is based on the IDEAS trading solution and the PORTMAN investment management solution. There is a very good reason for this longstanding collaboration: “Vitec Aloc is a very serious player in the market,” says Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard, Head of Wealth Products, Handelsbanken. “They always take a professional approach to our requirements and demands.

A bank is not just a bank

The solution's day-to-day operation primarily runs via a data centre. In this centre, multiple banks use a common PORTMAN and IDEAS solution. Contact with Vitec Aloc concerning day-to-day operation or development of the common solution takes place via the data centre.

A bank is not just a bank, however, and each bank has its own requirements of the system’s functionalities. This collaboration takes place outside the data centre, directly between Handelsbanken and Vitec Aloc. This gave us the opportunity for a chat with Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard.

Deep knowledge of the industry

Responsiveness to requirements concerning the system’s proprietary development is given high priority by Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard. On the one hand, Handelsbanken is part of a community with the other banks, while on the other hand, every bank in the community has its own needs and requirements. This model requires a lot of the IT supplier, but also enables the individual banks to obtain input and inspiration from the other banks in the community.

Vitec Aloc knows a lot about other banks and the industry in general, which is of great benefit to us, of course,” says Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard, who continues: “This concerns day-to-day operations, as well as regular events such as the annual PORTMAN Day, when Vitec Aloc presents new initiatives and what is in the pipeline, and so on
Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard, Head of Wealth Products at Handelsbanken

Compliance and efficiency

In recent years, a lot of new legislation has been imposed on the financial sector and this has laid claim to a significant share of the IT development resources. Since the banks always seek to be compliant, there is a latent risk of a negative impact on efficiency.

Efficient processes

The ambition to increase efficiency makes high demands of internal routines and processes. The solution must support the automation of everyday routines and workflows, freeing free up time and resources to spend on more value-creating work, for the benefit of clients.

Vitec Aloc has roots in the financial sector and, in Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard’s words: “They are familiar with the routines in a bank, so they also know when something is nice to get fixed and when something is important to get fixed. This is apparent from the continuous development of the system, such as the user interface improvements that help to strengthen our workflows and make us more efficient.

Mutual trust in day-to-day collaboration

After so many years of collaboration, it‘s no wonder that, by now, we speak the same language. We have an open and straightforward dialogue based on mutual trust, and we always feel that we are listened to,” says Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard, who concludes:

We are really happy with this collaboration. Vitec Aloc is proactive, and they know us as a bank, they know their products and, finally, they know what is trending in the financial sector. Without a shadow of doubt, I can say that we are extremely satisfied with our collaboration
Esben Bøgeholdt Kæmpegaard, Head of Wealth Products at Handelsbanken

About Handelsbanken Danmark
Handelsbanken Danmark is part of the Swedish Handelsbanken Group, one of the largest banks in Northern Europe, and has achieved the highest ratings from international credit rating agencies such as Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

Handelsbanken’s home markets are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and the UK. They have over 600 employees in Denmark and more than 50 branches across the country.

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